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2018 TAX LAWS - How will they affect you?


Tax Rates - While there are still 7 tax rates, most have been lowered from the 2017 rate.

  • 10%
  • 12% (lowered by 3%)
  • 22% (lowered by 3%)
  • 24% (lowered by 4%)
  • 32% (lowered by 1%)
  • 35%
  • 37% (lowered by 2.6%)

Note: Most married income thresholds are double the single, meaning the marriage penalty of prior years is eliminated for most tax brackets. Long-term capital gains tax rates remain unchanged for 2018 and range from 0% to 20%

Child Tax Credit (CTC) - The CTC doubles to $2,000 in 2018, with phase out of the benefit starting at $400,000 for married and $200,000 for unmarried taxpayers. The CTC is available for most parents with children 16 or younger. The law makes $1,400 of the credit a refundable credit, creates a new $500 family credit for dependents ineligible for the CTC.

Redefinition of the Kiddie Tax Rules - Unearned income of children 19 or younger (age 24 if a qualified student) will use the estate and trust tax rates to determine income tax. Former rules did not tax the first $1,050 of unearned income, taxed the next $1,050 at the child's tax rate, and taxed any excess at the parents' tax rate. The new rates range from 10% to 37%.

Brochure: For more information, we have provided a brochure that contains more details about the 2018 Tax Law changes... read more

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Accounting isn’t just about balancing the debits and the credits. Accounting is also about following the right methodology such as cash basis, accrual basis, GAAP basis, or tax basis. Accounting is all about reconciliations and following monthly, quarterly, or annual procedures.

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Susan Bersch, licensed accountant VA, NC, & MD, has over 30 years of experience in accounting and tax. Most of her career has been in public accounting performing financial statement audits and reviews, preparing business, fiduciary, and individual tax returns. In addition she provides business, accounting, and tax advisory services to entrepreneurs.

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Why Use a CPA?

  • Experience - CPAs work with a variety of cliental providing solutions to complex tax and accounting issues.
  • Education and access to resources – Individuals must pass a rigorous exam and meet minimum experience requirements prior to becoming a CPA.
  • Objectivity – CPAs are trained to be independent and objective which makes them an invaluable member of a business owner’s team.
  • Trusted Business Advisor – CPAs are asked to give their advice and insight on a surprising number of non-tax, non-accounting, and non-auditing topics.
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  • Knowledge - Susan has the knowledge and experience you need. She has provided businesses and individuals with tax, accounting and business advisory services for over 30 years.
  • Trust - Susan has always worked hard for her clients’ success and will do the same for you. She understands your business and the business world you operate in.
  • Understanding - Needs and priorities change over the lifetime of a business and also over the lifetime of an individual. Susan understands the lifecycle of businesses and individuals and advises her clients according to their unique needs and situations.
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